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Uedit offers comprehensive Editing services including Feature films, Documentary, Television commercials, TV Shows & wedding video editing services to help you focus on producing and shooting.

Uedit lately has become a force in wedding videos edits with large pool of satisfied clientele.

In order to capture the essence of each unique wedding by preserving the day in such a way the bride and groom will be able to relive the special day over and over again, Uedit’s expert editors are here to help who are one of the best in Bollywood Feature film editing with years of credibility of working with Top names.

Our experts in bridal video editing services stand ready to partner with you when you decide to outsource marriage video editing. As a wedding videographer or photographer, you have an immense responsibility to capture the marriage ceremony. We step in to assist with the final product or deliver the entire package.

Using Final cut Pro software to edit basic clips or produce a professional, final product. Weather you are a small business , a video production company, Film company or a corporate ; we will help you produce a final video product the couple will admire for years to come.

Your Video Editing Plans

Various plans for your video editing needs from raw footage of your corporate events, to the wedding ceremony to the first dance, or from footage from your next blockbuster, our team will work with you to ensure you receive the best possible product. We offer several different editing plans to suit your needs. We also offer interview editing from guest interviews.

  • Custom Editing - Uedit will custom edit video for those able to provide detailed descriptions for the final product. This option is recommended for professional videographers and video production companies.
  • Plan 1 (Example)- We take 3 hours of video and edit it to 90 minutes. Features include preserving the best shots, the addition of background music and titles.
  • Plan 2 (Example)- We edit 3 hours of video to 40 or 50 minutes. Features included are all the features from Plan 1 plus the addition of animated titles.
  • Plan 3 (Example)- We turn 3 hours of video into a 15-20 minute video. Features included are all the parts of Plan 2 plus music synchronization with the video, complete animated titles, and credits at the end. Optional - Stock short videos can will in included on request.

Turnaround Time

Uedit works closely with each client to deliver a quality product in a timely manner. Facts such as the complexity of video clips, number of cameras used, background sound and video quality can effect production time.

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